The Toyota Corolla Offers A Lot At A Low Price

With over 30 million units sold across the world, Toyota’s Corolla is one of the worlds’ most popular and all time best selling cars. The Corolla may be unassuming in looks, but this auto has a ton to offer. It’s extremely reliable, fuel efficient, and most important affordable. Given the economic climate, shoppers want a car that won’t break down and cost them money and time spent on repairs. This competes in the affordable small car segment with the Kia Forte and Mazda3. As far as appearances are concerned, for 2010 it sports a bare bones and functional design with a more aggressive grille and headlights than previous year’s models. It’s not meant to be an exciting or flamboyant vehicle but a utilitarian one and the Corolla makes no pretenses, it’s a no-frills vehicle that will last for many years to come.

All Corolla’s with the exception of the XRS trim are fueled with a V4 1.8 Liter engine that outputs 132 horsepower and 128 lb feet of torque. This car travels from zero to sixty in 10.1 seconds. Not super fast by any means, but then again, this car is not supposed to be a hot rod. The XRS version features a more powerful 2.4 Liter V4 with 148 horsepower. The cabin is well insulated and wind noise can hardly be heard, even when driving fast.

There are five different trims for buyers to choose from; base, LE, S, XLE and the top level XRS. All versions are equipped with a steering wheel with a telescopic feature, an AC system and an audio system with a CD player. The base model comes with fifteen inch wheels. It’s possible to opt for the optional audio system from JBL with a CD changer and Bluetooth compatibility.

The Corolla comfortably seats five full sized adults. The interior is well crafted and all the controls and buttons are placed logically and are easy to utilize. The seats are made out of cloth, although there is the option to upgrade to leather if you prefer. The steering wheel includes a telescoping and tilt feature which means it can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of the person driving.

Advanced safety mechanisms are in place in order to ensure the safety of all passengers. There is an airbag system in place with front and rear side curtain airbags and front head restraints. A four wheel anti-lock brake system is in place with electronic brake force distribution. Additional features include vehicle stability control and traction control.

What stands out foremost about the Corolla is its price, which is accessible to most individuals plus the solid dependability factor. Buying a vehicle that needs to be repaired frequently isn’t acceptable to most consumers and buyers want to get the most value out of their hard earned dollar. If you want a practical vehicle that you can depend on then the Corolla would be perfect. Priced at around fifteen thousand dollars for the base model, the 2010 Corolla is a car that offers a lot at a low price.