Victorinox Anniversary Sale – Great Luggage at a Low Price

Wow! Victorinox is having their 125th Anniversary Sale, starting today. It’s a wonderful luggage sale, with Victorinox offering an additional 20% off the already discounted prices on NXT, Werks 3.0 and Emotion 360 collections. Victorinox is known world wide as the Swiss Army brand luggage…that is the same Swiss Army, of course, as the Swiss Army Knives.

125 years in business is a long time. Actually, though, Victorinox luggage was launched in 1999, a mere 10 years ago. However, from their origins in making Swiss Army knives, then graduating to Swiss Army watches, Victorinox learned the importance of attention to detail, making a product that will stand the test of time (and the road) and the need for the highest standards in quality. Here’s what Victorinox states: “every bag is designed to meet the highest standards of quality and design, with sophistication to spare”.

Over the years, Victorinox luggage has carved a unique niche among frequent travelers and road warriors. Each Victorinox collection is ridiculously well made – made to withstand the rigors of travel. While so many other luggage companies manufactured the black luggage, Victorinox went with their brilliant red luggage, and adorned of course, with the distinctive red cross that graces all of the Victorinox collections.

In my younger, trekking days, I traveled through the south of France (aka wine country) with the Victorinox Emotion. This was the best choice for luggage that I could make: Victorinox Emotion for its durability, and the fact that you can wheel it, or carry it as a backpack. This wheeled backpack became my best travel friend. Together we saw lots of wine country. It has lots of pockets and is so versatile and durable, I swore then, to never travel without it. However, years later, I still have my Victorinox Emotion, but when I actually became a business traveler, I needed a more serious piece of luggage. Now I carry the Victorinox Werks 3.0 22″ carry-on. It’s a perfect piece of luggage and now with the Victorinox 125th Anniversary sale, it’s offered at an even lower price. I’m not buying one during the luggage sale; my Werks 3.0 carry-on will probably last longer than I will. But, then again, that’s what good luggage should do.

Thanks Victorinox. We needed a good luggage sale! Shop the wonderful sale prices on Victorinox Luggage at Irv’s Luggage. With free shipping, low prices and – the Victorinox Sale – Irv’s Luggage is the best place to buy Victorinox!

Great Low Priced Airfares – How To Get Them

Constantly increasing fuel prices and the worldwide threat of terrorism makes it more and more difficult for people to find low priced airfares. I do not have any difficulty with airfares flights increasing to meet the cost of heightened security both at airports and onboard aircraft. But, as a result of the host of factors which are included in determining prices on just about everything nowadays, it seems that the low priced airfares which we once saw do not exist anymore. Today, you need to look around for what are considered to be the new brand of low airfares that reflect the unpredictability of the modern world.

Happily, there are a host of online sites which can assist you to track down cheap airfares. You might be familiar with many of them such as Travelocity and Hotwire to name just a couple. Although just about all of these Internet sites will claim to offer the cheapest airfare price, I have found that their discount airfares flights are normally very close to one another. In point of fact, most of the websites will be offering seats on the same flights as their competitor sites. So, can they really offer lower airfares? Perhaps. I can tell you that if you book your flight with the airline directly or through their website then you could end up paying more. Travel websites may be in a position to offer low cost airfares because of the competition within the travel industry.

One thing that I am simply at a loss to realize is just why last minute flights are so expensive. When there are empty seats on an airplane then the airline isn’t making a single cent on those seats and, if someone appears looking for a seat, they will quite often try to charge them almost twice what the cost would have been if they had made their booking in advance. No matter what they charge for the seat the airline is be making a profit, so why they can’t offer inexpensive seats for last minute travelers will always remain a mystery to me.

Talking to a travel agent may be of assistance in getting some low priced airfares flights as they might well be able to advise you on the best airlines to choose and will generally have access to information that in not available to members of the public. Additionally, if you can vary your schedule, you are much more likely to find a lower airline ticket. On specific days of the week it might be more expensive to fly to some locations. If you are prepared to be reasonably flexible and to do a little bit of investigation, you will find that there are low prices airfares to be found. Unfortunately, rising energy costs and the requirement for tighter security have ensured that the days of inexpensive flights tickets are without doubt in the past.

I love to stand in the check-in line at airports and listen to other people protesting about the long lines and the stricter security checks. I am absolutely amazed that people are so irritated and so thoughtless about just what is going on in the world today. It is definitely a shame that society has to be subjected to tighter security checks and it saddens me that my daughter will never know just what our world was like before the events of September 11th, 2001.

When you are looking to get low priced airfares then try to follow the hints given here. Seek the help of your travel agent or do a little homework on your own and, provided you are able to be adaptable, you might well be able to locate some cheap air fares.

Low Pricing on Airline Packages – How to Get Rock Bottom Pricing on Your Next Flight!

If you are an avid traveler, or have a special trip coming up then I bet you are interested in low pricing on airline packages. It seems that many people have bought into the idea that the airline companies are out to get them, and that if you want to fly anywhere it is going to cost a large chunk of money. I am here to disprove that myth, and show you how you can save hundreds of dollars on your very next flight.

1. The first thing that you need to do is see what times the flights to the destination of your choice are leaving. Many times if a flight is scheduled at a weird time then it will not fill up with passengers, thus leaving you the ability to negotiate with the airlines to get a great price.

2. In addition to this trip, you can increase your savings on airline tickets and find low pricing on airline travel by contacting the airlines directly. What this will allow you to do is get some great deals that are not even advertised on the television, internet, or anywhere else. Calling the hotline for a particular airline shortly after midnight can get you some really great deals.

3. While the two tips above work great, nothing has worked for me quite like what I am about to share with you. The real secret is to know someone on the inside that used to work in the airline industry who can really show you how to get low pricing on airline travel to any destination. The best part is that you can do it right online just like I did.