Yucatan Real Estate – World-Class Healthcare at a Low Price

While Medical Tourism from the U.S. and Canada to Mexico is ever on the rise, the high-quality and low cost of Mexican healthcare also serves as an incentive for retirees to consider Yucatan real estate, as well as families considering relocating, who may be concerned about healthcare costs or waiting lines back home; in Mexico costs are minimal, and waiting lines are virtually non-existent.

In the past few years, more and more Americans have been travelling to Mexico to take advantage of the low cost healthcare; some estimates have numbers up to 500,000 per year. Even for Canadians needing to avoid long wait times for medical services, Mexico provides an less expensive, but equally high-quality alternative to heading to the U.S. Medicine costs are about half of that in either country.

Generally speaking, healthcare costs about 50-70% less than in the U.S. Teeth implants (6 teeth), for example, costs about$18,500 on average in the U.S. In Mexico, it costs only $3600, meaning savings of 75%. And if you are concerned about the recent high costs of insurance in the U.S. (now obligatory), you’ll be happy to know that on average insurance for Mexican healthcare is 33% of of that in the U.S.

As for quality, the World Health Organization indicates that private Mexican hospitals are similar in quality to those in the U.S.

Another advantage for medical tourists that applies just as well for those considering moving here is the proximity to home. For Americans and Canadians alike, direct flights are available from the Yucatan with an average time of about 3.5 hrs to the U.S. and 4.5 hours to Canadian cities.

While the bulk of world-class hospitals are located in Mexico City and Guadalajara (the two largest cities), state-of-the-art hospitals are also located in Merida, the capital of the state of Yucatan. Merida draws people seeking affordable, high-quality health care from nearby parts of central America as well. The state also recently announced a special emphasis on investment into retirement-oriented facilities in that city. (Also, in the rare case of speciality services not available, return flights to Guadalajara or Mexico City can be found for as low as $150.)

Yucatan MLS listings can be found to suite any lifestyle, from contemporary condos on the beachfront to comfortable, traditional little Mexican houses near Merida’s colonial downtown, to lots for single family homes. Whatever your reason for moving to Yucatan, you will find suitable real estate, and you can rest assured that top-quality healthcare will be available for prices much more accessible than back home.

Find a good online MLS listing, explore what Yucatan real estate can offer you, and contact a reliable, experienced agent. If healthcare is your concern, you need not worry; ask your agent about hospitals in the area. You will be pleasantly surprised by both quality and low prices.

Low Price Laptops and Notebooks Are the Perfect Affordable Mobile Computer

Having your own mobile computer has never been more affordable. With the low prices of laptop and notebook computers today, having your computer with you when you need it is much more common than being stuck behind a desk with your stationary machine. The best of both worlds is having a desk that you can park your laptop or notebook at, and attach to a monitor and full sized keyboard when you are at home.

There are some places where laptops abound. The airport is one. Coffee shops are another. Oh, don’t forget libraries. While we’re at it, let’s list fast food restaurants as well. Each day, wireless internet in food, travel, and retail locations is becoming more and more common. As a way to draw customers into their shop or kiosk, they proudly advertise that they have wireless internet available. Add a low price laptop to the picture, and now you have a mobile office that can connect to the internet, for free, in many public places.

In the past, having a laptop only gave you a way to bring your computer and your work with you. Connecting to the internet was a different story. That would usually only occur after you got back home and plugged your laptop in for a recharge. These days, not only can you access the internet in public, but many of those same internet-enable establishments also make plugging in for a quick recharge an easy possibility.

If you have been waiting to get a laptop, or upgrade to a new model, now is a great time to do so because low prices for laptops are extremely common. Sure, you can spend multiple thousands of dollars for a laptop that will do a lot more than you need it to, but by spending only five hundred dollars or less, you can get a high-quality laptop computer for an ultra low price. With the number of retail locations that welcome laptop owners with open arms, it has never been a better time to have a laptop. You can be one of those people.

When shopping for a laptop, doing so through the major internet retailers is the best way to find the largest selection and the lowest prices. It’s a simple truth: virtual stores have virtual shelves and aisles. They can showcase the largest selection and offer the lowest prices because they don’t have to pay the rent associated with being a brick-and-mortar retailer. Ready to save? Click here to start shopping for your next, or first, Low Price Laptop.

Tips on Getting International Flights at Low Prices

The airline industry is witnessing a revolution these days. This is because the number of people who travel to international destinations has increased manifold. This revolution has opened a lot of doors for the travelers. Flight booking has become very easy these days for international flights. With some efforts one can easily travel through international flights at low prices.

If you are looking forward to take one of the international flights which are generally very expensive, here are some tips on flight booking to help you get a seat on those international flights at low prices. Check these out:

• One of the premier flight booking sources today is the internet. The web has a lot of cheap international flights for you to choose from. You just have to check out some well- known, reputed travel websites. They offer cheap airfares for a wide range of international destinations, throughout the year. All the leading websites have comparison charts that offer you information on the discounted rates offered by them and their competitors. This way you can make an informed decision regarding the prices and get yourself a cheap ticket on the desired international flights.

• One very popular way to save money on international flights is to do the flight booking, much in advance. If you are booking your ticket well in advance, chances are you will get to benefit from a variety of early bird schemes. A lot of travelers tend to use this trick on a regular basis to avail cheap tickets.

• You may also call up a particular airline to avail cheap flights. Also you can also enquire with a local travel agency, regarding a cheap, affordable international air travel package.

• One trick which you can try is to travel during off-season. The best and the lowest rates are usually available in the time between autumn and spring. This season witnesses some of the cheapest airfares. In fact, you can save a lot of money in off-season on even some of the most expensive flights.

• Another wonderful way to avail cheap air tickets is to use your credit card for flight booking. There are many credit card companies who offer a plan for the accumulation of credit points or frequent flyer miles which can be used to take some price off the air tickets. You can enquire with your credit card company and can avail this wonderful opportunity to travel at lower prices in the international flights of your choice.