Victorinox Anniversary Sale – Great Luggage at a Low Price

Wow! Victorinox is having their 125th Anniversary Sale, starting today. It’s a wonderful luggage sale, with Victorinox offering an additional 20% off the already discounted prices on NXT, Werks 3.0 and Emotion 360 collections. Victorinox is known world wide as the Swiss Army brand luggage…that is the same Swiss Army, of course, as the Swiss Army Knives.

125 years in business is a long time. Actually, though, Victorinox luggage was launched in 1999, a mere 10 years ago. However, from their origins in making Swiss Army knives, then graduating to Swiss Army watches, Victorinox learned the importance of attention to detail, making a product that will stand the test of time (and the road) and the need for the highest standards in quality. Here’s what Victorinox states: “every bag is designed to meet the highest standards of quality and design, with sophistication to spare”.

Over the years, Victorinox luggage has carved a unique niche among frequent travelers and road warriors. Each Victorinox collection is ridiculously well made – made to withstand the rigors of travel. While so many other luggage companies manufactured the black luggage, Victorinox went with their brilliant red luggage, and adorned of course, with the distinctive red cross that graces all of the Victorinox collections.

In my younger, trekking days, I traveled through the south of France (aka wine country) with the Victorinox Emotion. This was the best choice for luggage that I could make: Victorinox Emotion for its durability, and the fact that you can wheel it, or carry it as a backpack. This wheeled backpack became my best travel friend. Together we saw lots of wine country. It has lots of pockets and is so versatile and durable, I swore then, to never travel without it. However, years later, I still have my Victorinox Emotion, but when I actually became a business traveler, I needed a more serious piece of luggage. Now I carry the Victorinox Werks 3.0 22″ carry-on. It’s a perfect piece of luggage and now with the Victorinox 125th Anniversary sale, it’s offered at an even lower price. I’m not buying one during the luggage sale; my Werks 3.0 carry-on will probably last longer than I will. But, then again, that’s what good luggage should do.

Thanks Victorinox. We needed a good luggage sale! Shop the wonderful sale prices on Victorinox Luggage at Irv’s Luggage. With free shipping, low prices and – the Victorinox Sale – Irv’s Luggage is the best place to buy Victorinox!

Air Bed Wenzel Review – Low Price on Wenzel Air Beds

There are a lot of choices when shopping for an air bed. So here I will give you a review on Wanzel air beds. These have become popular recently.

Out of all Wenzel air twin Insta-Bed air bed with built in pump is the most popular and it has 5 star rating. These are not raised air beds, but they are great for camping and short spare trips. It inflates and deflates easily. It can be used as a spare bed and when going traveling. Overall, very comfortable.

The second king is the Wenzel Twin Flocked Air Bed with built in comfort adjust manual pump and it has a 3.5 star rating. Main downside is the manual pump.

Wanzel Insta-Bed Full Size indoor outdoor bed is rated as 3 stars. There are some negative reviews about the quality of the bed. The comfort of the bed is good. It is also great that it has build in pump, but there have been complaints about rips and punctures in the bed.

Wenzel raised insta bed is very well liked by most people. It is very easy to inflate and deflate. You can easily adjust the height of head rest and the feet rest. Definitely a bad that can be used more frequently than the spare bad or a camping trip bed. If going camping this is probably one of the most fanciest beds you would take with you. There have been some negative review about deflating right away. So make sure you check with the company on what is their return policy.

Overall, this air bed Wenzel Review is a positive review. The air beds are very sensitive so just make sure when shopping for Wenzel Air bed (the best to do it is online because of very low prices), the company has a return policy.

Low Price Airline Tickets – 3 Magic Tricks to Finding Bargain Airline Tickets

In today’s economy, finding low price airline tickets can be tricky. What some airlines advertise as a “deal” may not actually be a deal at all once you add up the fees and other hidden costs. Your wallet only feels the impact of the total price. You don’t have to worry, though. There are ways to getting around those high prices and finding your bargain airline tickets.

  • First of all, you should consider being flexible with the days that you choose to fly. It is much cheaper to fly during the week, such as a Tuesday or a Wednesday. Prices are higher on a Friday and Saturday as the demand is higher. A lot of people work during the week, and their available times to fly are on the weekend. Airlines take advantage of this and increase the prices.
  • Consider booking your flight about 21 days in advance. You can find better fares earlier in advance than if you were to wait about a week before take off. Airlines keep in mind that a lot of people make last minute or business plans to fly, and usually book about a week in advance.
  • Consider flying with a discount airline. A lot of people choose to fly with the larger airlines, and these airlines price their seats higher due to demand. You should look into smaller airlines that offer plenty of low price airline tickets. These airlines, such as Southwest Airlines, don’t advertise their low fares on travel sites (where a lot of people tend to look), so you have a good chance at finding bargain airline tickets.